What can you do with REGLIB

Work smarter with REGLIB’s intuitive and comprehensive Regulation Library

Get Notified

Receive notifications when regulations have changed and see the differences side-by-side.

Simplify Your Work

Use REGLIB to build a regulations inventory instead of copying & pasting content from dozens of other regulatory websites.

Discover Regulations

Utilize REGLIB’s powerful browse and search tools to find the regulations relevant to your business.

Share Content

Send regulations and commentary to colleagues and clients.

Get Organized

Bookmark, organize, and annotate regulations.

Save Money

Stop paying excessive fees for regulatory feeds - many of REGLIB’s features are free.

Get Notified

Simplify Your Work

Discover Regulations

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What Sets REGLIB Apart

REGLIB aggregates regulatory content from more than 50 regulatory agencies into a single platform for free. This means you’ll save time and money by using REGLIB instead of individually accessing all those other websites.

REGLIB provides the tools necessary to discover and catalogue regulations and maintain your regulations inventory over time. REGLIB provides a fine level of granularity that allows you to bookmark just the regulatory language that is important to you, without having to search through large amounts of text.

Top Regulatory News Headlines

Curated news stories featuring regulatory fines, regulatory concerns, and other articles relevant to compliance and business professionals.


It takes more than just reading the regulation to maintain compliance. Stay up to date on the most important industry news by regularly checking in on our announcements section.


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Intuitive Tools

The search feature sets REGLIB apart from other regulation libraries. My team can search by keyword, citation number, or filter by regulator. This has saved my team an incredible amount of time sifting through regulators and regulations.

Legal Counsel

Key Component to Managing Compliance

My firm has to reevaluate our compliance strategy after receiving 3 regulatory inquiries in 2 years. REGLIB has been a key component to staying up to date with regulations and knowing which regulations are applicable to each business line. Our team can rely on REGLIB to inform us of exact changes to regulations.

Compliance Manager

Time and Resource Saver

With REGLIB, we have eliminated all manual work and have been able to redirect resources to areas of compliance that require more attention. This tool is a game-changer for tracking regulations.

Enterprise Risk Manager

Intuitive Tools

Key Component to Managing Compliance

Time and Resource Saver

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Whether it is adding more content to REGLIB or partnering with you to overcome regulatory compliance challenges, we are here to help. Let us know what you need.
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